As the Diners Club brand promise is to enable and enrich life’s journey, and the premium lifestyle Signature magazine brings this promise to life in vivid clarity. With a uniquely approachable style, combined with insightful content, Signature offers an authentic view into the lifestyle and aspirations of Diners Club Members.

The upper 10% of economically active South Africans account for almost 50% of leisure and investment spending, and with a minimum earning requirement of R37,500 per month, Diners Club Members fall comfortably within this bracket. 


INDWE is the exclusive monthly in-flight magazine
for SA Express Airways. With a clean, sophisticated layout and astute editorial copy, Indwe provides
its readers and advertisers with a superlative
in-flight publication.

You won’t find a more captive audience for your marketing campaign than inside an airplane, at 36,000 feet in the air.

SA Express currently carries approximately 160,000 passengers per month between 16 domestic and regional destinations.


aha MOMENTS! celebrates high-end lifestyle experiences as well as provide a unique window on the various luxurious aha hotels and lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.  

aha MOMENTS! appeals to businessmen and women travelling for work, as well as families enjoying their holidays together.

Published bi-monthly, the periodical will speak to both local and international readers – each issue of the bespoke title is a pool of considered features covering travel, fashion, health, business and lifestyle topics.